Side events

Looking for some extra entertainment in between headbanging? Real metal heads can go all out on our central square. Not only will you find an extensive collection of CD’s, but you’ll also be able to grab some merch from your favorite bands ánd The Rock Circus of course, signing sessions, attractions, musicians and much more. Read all about it below.



The Festival Fair & Metal Market of The Rock Circus offers a wide array of merchandise stands to cover yourself in awesome band shirts, sweaters, bracelets and much more. Obviously this will also be your first chance to grab some exclusive The Rock Circus gear! Make sure to walk on by to discover all the unique items that we’re offering.

Do you want to participate in the festival market? Make sure to contact Dido Smit from Orange Artist Promotion via 



Impericon is all about their “Live Your Music” motto, by offering band merchandise to make you feel right at home at The Rock Circus and of course in your daily life as well. Besides that they’ll also host a number of signing sessions during the festival, as real metal authorities.

Which bands will join the signing sessions will be revealed later on. Signing sessions are free, so make sure you bring your favorite items or purchase them at our merchandise stand to cover it in autographs.


Blaas of Glory is a hilarious mobile act like you’ve never seen before. These eight rockers-in-tights have not encountered musical or theatrical equals on their ten year long march along Europe’s finest festivals of every size and sort, be it street theatre, pop, rock or metal.

Hardrock evergreens bloom once again when this colourful Napoleontic brass band comes marching in, dressed in sexy spandex straight from the eighties. Armed with sousaphone, piccolo, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion and multi-voiced background harmonies they transform every song into an unexpected experience. They will move you to smiles, tears, shreds or flabbergasts.


Metallikoor is a completely new concept. Edgy, strong and a wall of sound: the Metallikoor men are loud and proud. Metallikoor’s only female member is Franki Münninghoff. This Iron Maiden has a long history of choirs. Expect heavy rock and metal songs from the 60’s up until today. Their motto is ‘If it’s too loud, then you are too old’. Crank open the volume!



Heavy metal bar piano

A cozy evening. There are cool drinks, the atmosphere is relaxed, there is a subtle, swinging piano sound. You can hear a Boogie Woogie, but the melody is somehow reminiscent of “Black Sabbath”. Then a bossa nova that sounds strikingly like “Megadeth”, only much more relaxed. At the latest after the funky-bluesy riff of “Rage Against The Machine” it becomes clear who’s behind the keys: George Heinle, Germany’s toughest bar pianist.

For the untrained ear there is the timeless bar piano sound that has been practiced for around a century, while the metalhead is constantly discovering new exciting versions of his favorite songs that he would never have expected. Everyone enjoys music.


KINK Distortion DJ’s

The DJ’s from KINK Distortion will keep you rocking on Saturday and Sunday from 19:00 to 01:00 during a stroll across our Festival Fair, while digging through our treasures or during a well-deserved meal. Even though you’re taking a break from all the epic live shows, we will never turn down the volume, wherever you are!


Ruige Rita’s

These two women love rough & fuming parties and play nothing but 90s & 00s rock, combined with a crazy amount of offensive entertainment. That’s how they made each show unforgettable and that’s why we’re thrilled to welcome them on Friday from 23:30 to 00:45.


Heavy Hoempa

Heavy Hoempa is a 8-person brass band that always pushes beyond the edge of metal! Expect surprising performances of famous classics by Metallica, Motörhead, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

It’s heavy, but they’ll make it light on The Rock Circus’ central square!