To ensure that everything runs smoothly, a number of rules have been drawn up for The Rock Circus that must be observed. The regulations are composed of the house rules of the event location, supplemented with rules from The Rock Circus:

1. Visitors must be able to identify themselves at all times with a valid proof of identity.
2. Visitors can be searched before and during the event. If no cooperation is provided, access to the festival location may be denied.
3. Tickets may not be resold or given away for promotional activities without the permission of the organization
4. Purchased tickets cannot be taken back.
5. Weekend tickets are personal and cannot be shared with others during the festival days.
6. Alcohol is not served under 18. If in doubt, proof of identity will be requested.
7. Smoking is not permitted by law in buildings, under roofs and in tents. This is only allowed in the open air or in designated locations and/or areas.
8. The Rock Circus has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to soft and hard drugs. If drugs are found on a visitor, they will be taken immediately and the organization can
decide to refuse the visitor access to or, if the visitor has already entered, to remove him from the site. If necessary, the police will be alerted. – You can voluntarily give up your soft and/or hard drugs in the designated dispenser at the entrance.
9. It is forbidden to bring:
– Professional photo, film and other (sound and/or image) recording equipment without permission from the organization
– (Alcoholic) drinks and food in any packaging whatsoever, glassware, cans, plastic bottles, aerosol cans, nitrous oxide cartridges, fireworks, (fire) weapons, drugs and other dangerous objects under penalty of confiscation. Upon detection, you may be handed over to the police.
10. It is forbidden to take (plastic) glasses or drinks outside.
11. (Pets) animals are not allowed and are therefore not admitted.
12. Visitors are obliged to comply with the house rules, regulations and/or instructions of the organization or staff of the event.
13. The organization reserves the right to refuse access or remove persons from the location, without giving any reason.
14. Threats, vandalism, damage, abuse, intimidation, aggression, discrimination, racism and sexual harassment are prohibited under penalty of removal.
15. The organization can refuse or remove persons from the location in the event of misconduct.

Name and address details can also be passed on to the local authorities.
16. In situations not covered by the house rules, the organization/location decides.
17. Access to the event will not be granted to people wearing clothing related to groups, denominations, political affiliations or clubs. This includes motorcycle clubs (Jacks with reference marks), political parties, football clubs (shirts) and the like.
18. The organization and the festival location cannot be held liable for any injury, material and immaterial damage to visitors and property. The organization cannot be held liable for loss, damage or theft of property.
19. Photos or recordings can be made at the events for reports, website, promotional purposes, etc. By buying a ticket and entering the festival location, the visitor gives permission to the organization to use these recordings for these purposes .
20. The artist(s) and the organization of The Rock Circus are entitled to make or have video and/or sound recordings made of the event and to use these images and sound for promotional purposes for themselves or for their partners or sponsors . Persons appearing in the recordings cannot claim any compensation.
21. The distribution of brochures, flyers and the sale of goods at the festival location and immediate surroundings is prohibited, unless written permission has been granted by the organization.
22. The program is subject to change. If one or more acts are cancelled, tickets cannot be returned. An attempt will be made to offer a replacement program.
23. Performances may take place in several venues and may overlap. For all rooms and applies: full is full.
24. Earplugs – Wear earplugs. At sound pressures higher than 80 dB, it is wise to use earplugs. This way you can still hear the music well, you can communicate more easily with your friends and you protect your hearing.
25. Coins (tokens) – Payment can only be made during events and on site with the tokens sold by the organization, unless otherwise indicated by the organization. Tokens are and remain the property of the organization. – Each edition of each event has its own tokens that are only valid during that edition of the event.


The following regulations apply in addition to the general festival regulations, and only apply if the festival has a clearly designated campsite.

1. The organization has the site on loan. Please help us leave it tidy.
2. Camping is only allowed in the official places designated for this purpose by the organization.
3. Entrance tickets are exchanged for a wristband at the Campsite entrance. This wristband is non-transferable. Access to the campsite will be refused without a wristband.
4. Open fire is prohibited.
5. Gas bottles and/or disposable gas bottles may not be used.
6. (Domestic) animals are not allowed.
7. The use of glassware is not allowed.
8. Per person it is allowed to bring 4 liters of beer, wine and/or soft drinks. This can be taken in when you hand in the ticket, but not afterwards. It is also allowed to bring an appropriate amount of food.
9. Aggregates are prohibited on the campsite for safety and nuisance reasons.
10. There are sanitary facilities (running water, showers) on site. Keep it clean. Deposit waste in the appropriate containers.
11. There is constant surveillance on the campsite. In the event of irregularities, they are authorized to do so
to remove the site. For calamities, please refer to these security people and/or to the post at the entrance. There is a first aid station on the campsite.
12. Think about the night’s sleep of fellow campers and local residents. It is forbidden to play music after the festival has closed.
13. The organization cannot be held liable for personal injury and/or loss or damage to goods.
14. The organization can, at its own discretion, refuse or remove persons from the camping site.
15. Once again we urge you to comply with these rules. We wish you lots of fun
come on!


If the campsite offers the opportunity for campers, the following regulations apply in addition to the camping regulations. Take a good look at the relevant festival website for this.
1. There is a separate section for caravans, folding trailers and campers. A camper is a vehicle that is approved as a camper by the RDW. It is, partly for safety reasons, prohibited on this
place tents. Passenger cars are not allowed on the camping site. This also applies to Caddie or Combo type cars. People with a caravan or folding trailer are allowed
first place on the instructions of the staff, after which the car can be parked in the parking lot. There is a spacious parking lot within walking distance of the campsite.
2. Campers and caravans must be placed on the instructions of the stewards in the designated areas.
3. Vehicles longer than 7.5m must reserve several fields immediately upon booking.