You can expect the full timetable in October, due to possible last minute changes. Keep a close eye on our socials for more!

We will unveil the first band that will enter the signing sessions soon, but have no specific date yet. Keep a close eye on our socials for more!

Yes! This is possible only at Vakantiepark Dierenbos, which is located on a short distance from the The Rock Circus venue.

We value your enthusiasm, but The Rock Circus doesn’t work with volunteers.

Ticketmaster is the only official point of sale for The Rock Circus. Make sure you purchase them here only to prevent any disappointment in case of false tickets.

Note: Impericon offers Hardcopy Tickets for The Rock Circus, which are also valid and official!

There are no VIP Tickets for The Rock Circus.


The Rock Circus takes place in De Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, located close to Eindhoven and Tilburg in the south of The Netherlands.

The exact address is Diezekade 2, 5222 AK, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch).

The Rock Circus takes place on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of November 2023.

  • Friday > doors open 18.00, start program 19.00 hours, doors closed 01.00 hours
  • Saturday > doors open 11.00 hours, first band 12.00 hours, doors closed 01.00 hours
  • Sunday > doors open 11.00 hours, first band at 12.00 hours, doors close 01.00 hours
  • Caravan & Camper Park > Friday 15.00 hours – Monday 12.00 hours.

The Rock Circus has no minimum age. However, everyone under the age of 16 years old has to be accompanied by an adult (18+). This goes for both the campsite as the festival. The festival is not specifically suited for children. That’s why we advise against bringing (small) children to The Rock Circus.

Travel & Camping

There are different ways to travel to The Rock Circus. You can find all the options in the TRAVEL section.

Camping outdoors during the summer only? HELL NO! Park your own camper van around De Brabanthallen or book one of our hotel packages. HELL YEAH!

Check out all info about accommodations, facilities and more on the ACCOMMODATIONS page.


Tickets for The Rock Circus 2023 are available via our TICKETSHOP.

• Friday Pre-Party Ticket: €19,99 (inc. fee)
Friday Tickets are not yet on sale and are currently exclusive for weekend tickets holders.

• Weekend Ticket: €99,90 (inc. fee)
• Saturday Ticket: €66,60 (inc. fee)
• Sunday Ticket: €66,60 (inc. fee)

Attention: a Caravan & Camper Park ticket is not included in your Weekend – or Day Ticket. You need to purchase one of our accommodations via our ACCOMMODATIONS page.

De Brabanthallen has a massive parking field located directly next to the venue.

Parking tickets for The Rock Circus cost €15,- (ex. fee) for a single day or €36,- (ex. fee) for the full weekend via our TICKETSHOP.

It’s not possible to purchase your parking tickets online one day prior to the event, so make sure you buy them in time. However, you can always buy your single day parking ticket at the event venue upon arrival. They will cost €18,-.

There are no shuttle services for The Rock Circus at the moment. However, De Brabanthallen are located at a 10-minute walking distance from ‘s-Hertogenbosch Central train station.

In case The Rock Circus does not sell out before the event date, there will be tickets for sale at the door.


There will be more than enough lockers available during The Rock Circus. These are meant for storing your personal belongings safely. It is possible to visit your locker during the event.

You can purchase your locker beforehand via our TICKETSHOP. You take your e-ticket to our locker stand during the event in order to receive your PIN code that can be used to access your locker.

The price for an e-locker is:

Medium locker
• €7,- (per day)
• €17,50 (entire weekend)

Large locker
• €10,- (per day)
• €25,- (entire weekend)

During The Rock Circus you can buy your tokens with both cash and PIN.

Hear the Music, Protect your Ears

Please take care of your ears! With music above 87 dB it is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. With these earplugs you can hear the music perfectly, still have a conversation with your friends and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage and any ringing after the event.

In addition, Alpine earplugs are super comfortable. During The Rock Circus Alpine earplugs will be available. Alpine earplugs are reusable, so you can protect your ears not only at The Rock Circus but on other events as well.

Life sounds better with Music.

Smoking is prohibited in the location De Brabanthallen. The same goes for e-cigarettes. If you want to smoke a cigarette, there is a special smoking area within the compound. Cigarettes will not be sold during The Rock Circus.

A special first aid team will be present during The Rock Circus. The location is clearly marked on the event site. Besides that, several members of the medical staff will be walking around the even terrain.

Not feeling well? Be sure to visit the first aid, they will help you. Do you suspect someone of taking an overdose of drugs or consuming too much alcohol? Be sure to consult a member of the organization, security or the First Aid Team. They will make sure this person will receive medical assistance as quickly as possible.

There will be plenty of toilets and sinks for you to wash your hands, during The Rock Circus. De Brabanthallen also contains a disabled bathroom.

A merchandise stand will be present during The Rock Circus. It offers a variety of hearing protection, festival merchandise and official band merchandise.

At The Rock Circus 2023 you can roam across our Metal Market with several stands.

Real headbangers should be able to recharge and what better way than in our Food Market?! Walk past one of the many stands with an extensive range of food & drinks, or step into our shop if you prefer a small snack. We have everything for small appetites and inexhaustible hunger!

People with a disability or handicap can visit The Rock Circus. There are numerous facilities made just for them because we feel everyone should be able to enjoy our thundering live shows!

  • Festival terrain: the entire festival terrain is indoor and therefor free from mud, making it easy accessible for everyone.
  • Wheelchair decks: At both The Arena, our mainstage, as The Cage, our second stage, there will be a wheelchair deck that provides access to 12 guests in a wheelchair and a maximum of one attendant.


The Rock Circus has a zero tolerance policy. This means that visitors are prohibited to bring any forms of drugs, weapons or sharp objects into the festival.

Concerning safety issues, it is not permitted to bring any kind of liquids into the event. This also applies to deodorant, deodorant-sticks, hairspray etc.)

When you are using medication and you wish to bring it into the event, don’t forget to bring your doctor’s certificate. Without an official doctor’s certificate you will not be able to bring the medication into the event. Security will check your certificate at the entrance

Digital photo- and videocameras, like a GoPro, are allowed at The Rock Circus. Websites or companies who wish to shoot professional photo or video footage need to request access beforehand. Selfie-sticks are strictly prohibited during The Rock Circus.

Promotion for other events is strictly forbidden inside or outside De Brabanthallen. For advertising possibilities, we advise you to contact the organization.

Alcohol at The Rock Circus is, just like in the rest of The Netherlands, only permitted to people of 18 years old and up. Visitors younger than 18 years old will get a different wristband to prevent them from ordering alcoholic drinks.

You can find all regulations regarding The Rock Circus 2023 HERE.

Lost & Found

During and after The Rock Circus the organization will collect all lost items. If you have lost your passport, ID, driver’s license, phone, keys or any other personal belonging, we kindly ask you to visit the locker booth or contact the organization.

Found something? It’s amazing to see that people like yourself still exist out there. During The Rock Circus you can hand in all lost objects at the locker booth. They will make sure every lost object will return to its rightful owner as soon as possible.


Media and journalism platforms who wish to bring (semi-)professional equipment are obligated to request this prior to the event. You can contact us via

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