The trolls of Nordic folklore are believed to be dirty creatures of enormous strength and appetite. Their grotesque physique grants them a comic element, although the humour tends to be on the grim side as these nocturne beings hunger for human flesh.

Unsurprisingly, this has earned them a rather bad reputation. All things considered, FINNTROLL are the perfect embodiment of all aforementioned sentiments – although one might want to replace the hunger for human meat with an unquenchable thirst for booze.

Now, FINNTROLL embark on a new musical conquest with “Blodsvept”. Under its raw and aggressive surface many surprises await the listener, so better expect the unexpected. Take a seat in the Cotton Club as some New Orleans Dixie grins broadly from “Rösets Kung”. “Skogsdotter” offers duelling banjos taking on a swing band or as Trollhorn states: “We should have used an upright bass on that one”. Anybody wondering what a video-game would sound like with folk music will get an answer from “Ett Folk Förbannat”. “Två Ormar” is unceremoniously slandered as “Beetlejuice on crack” and Trollhorn tenderly calls the “Midvinterdraken” his very own “Flying Spaghetti Monster”.

Genius and sheer insanity often go hand in hand and while FINNTROLL never lose the focus for captivating and compact songs, they definitely mastered the art of ‘shock and awe-someness’! So, wanderer beware! If you should ever fall in the hands of FINNTROLL, the undiluted, amazing lunacy of “Blodsvept” awaits you. You have been warned. Now go, get it!