2Destroy plays a combination of groove and thrash metal. By combining heavy, rough rhythms with raw guitar work, the three musicians create the band sound that is characteristic of 2Destroy. With a tight, modern sound, Melle van Vilsteren plays dissonant thrash riffs and melodic solos that consist of both carefully chosen guitar lines and fast licks. There is no void during these solos, because Jelle Beumer takes on the role of the rhythm guitar with his own developed bass style; with lots of power chords, distortions and an aggressive playing style, he guarantees the power of 2Destroy during Melle’s solo work. Marc Over’s hard drum parts, based on death and groove metal, are tuned to the melodies of the guitars. These create the dynamic whole. The raw death metal vocals of the drummer, supported by backing vocals from Jelle and Melle, makes 2Destroy complete. Marc takes inspiration from his daily life for writing the lyrics. Conveying frustrations about people’s bad qualities and a critical view of themselves and society are paramount.